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Author: Sarum Younas

DSLR vs Mirrorless Cameras, which one should you buy?

DSLRs were the go to option if you wanted to start photography a few years ago. That changed with the launch of the Mirrorless cameras in 2009. Mirrorless cameras, as the name suggests, don’t feature a complex mirror system like DSLRs do, which makes them lighter and more compact. A DSLR uses a mirror inside the camera body which reflects the light coming in through the lens up to a prism, and into the viewfinder where you can preview your shot. The shutter opens, the mirror flips up and light enters the image sensor when you press the shutter...

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The Ashes is back, and Australia are relentless

The recently concluded second test was the first day night match in Ashes history. The Ashes is back after two years and Australia leads England 2-0 in, arguably, the world’s most important and illustrious Test series. Incredibly, after 136 years of test cricket between the two sides, the Ashes record is equal with 32 series wins each. This highlights the tightly contested nature of this series which makes one of sport’s finest rivalries. The last time England were in Australia for The Ashes, they were swept aside and it resulted in their 3rd ever Ashes whitewash. But this time,...

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Screens might be the only thing left on the front of smartphones soon. Over the last few years, we’ve seen smartphone bezels get thinner and thinner, until this year when they’ve started to disappear almost all together. Ever since the launch of last year’s Xiaomi Mi Mix, almost all major smartphone manufacturers have attempted to increase the phone’s screen to body ratio and reduce the bezels. LG was the first major brand to do so, with the launch of its flagship phone for the first half of 2017, the LG G6. Samsung closely followed suit with the launch of...

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Not so Black Friday in Pakistan

Different name, same shopping practices Black Friday is the busiest day for shopping around the world, but in Pakistan, it had to change colors to stay alive. If you’re fond of the Americans and their lifestyle, you probably know what Black Friday is. The day after Thanksgiving Day in America, or the fourth Friday of November, is informally called Black Friday. It marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. It was an American concept but has been adopted globally. It is the busiest day for shopping around the world and people line up outside their favorite stores and...

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A SomeWhatSuper night at NUST

An EDM night leaves NUST moving to the beat Ending a day full of colors, NUST welcomed the hottest Electronic Dance Music (EDM) duo of the country: Some What Super arrived and set the stage on fire. Hosted by the NUST Fine Arts Club, the EDM night was full of dance, energy and joy. The event was open to everyone, including people outside of NUST. The starting acts DJ Wali and DJ Niazi, set the stage with awesome tracks and remixes with the crowd shouting and dancing, and more people joining in. The main act of the night; Talha...

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