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Author: Sarim Khan

About The Author

Sarim Khan

A fan of fantasy slithering through the struggle of breaking through the barricade that is the tight world of storytelling, just here to tell great stories.

Bullies Are Like Boogers

Bullies are like boogers: big, icky, and annoying. Their worth isn’t much – as a whole, they are very shallow, and can be flicked away. But the truth of the matter is that bullying is a real issue, and a stuffy nose feels awful, which is why explaining the bystander effect is so important for the educational environment! Bullying is a common issue, and we know it takes place, but because of the bystander effect, we do not approach the bully, hoping someone else will do the job. As mentioned, bullying is supposed to be an urge that we...

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Movie Review: Parasite

Is there any difference between aspiration and pretense? This question is what the Korean tale ‘Parasite’ dwells upon; the idea that transforming the life of one beneath society by making them suddenly clown over the rich can take maneuvers as simple as pretending to be someone that person could be one day. The protagonist’s family showed that they could be so much more, yet they lived below their potential. It speaks a lot considering today’s standards and opportunities. The movie clearly shows that the protagonist is smart and capable of wonders, yet instead of putting his heels to the grind, he climbs his way to the top – or at least an illusion of it. He does so by slowly implanting the seeds to get not only himself, but his entire family into a rich family’s abode. Each family member plays a trick, not only on the rich family, but upon themselves as well. They let the truth slide away, allowing themselves to believe in a lie. Each member plays their part so well, proving that they do not need to stay so low while trying to achieve their dreams. One of the messages of the movie is that you really do go back where you belong, because karma catches up to everyone. I believe this is one of the messages this film tries to evoke. In my opinion,...

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