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Author: Sana Shafiq

Corona x NUST

If I were to describe the evening of March 13, 2020, I would call it a pit of panic, with bursts of melancholy scattered all around. Everyone was tired from the long weeks: while some had to tackle the grueling assignments and juries, others were in the hassle of preparing for their mid-term exams looming ahead. It was chaotic within, and the chaos spread across the outer world did not help in decreasing the level of restlessness in the student body. Thus, all awaited Friday with bated breath, for it was the most glorious of days with a promising weekend ahead. Some were to rush to their homes, others to just take a break and find some calm in all the chaos. I, too, had plans with a close friend, but the overall anxious environment did not leave me feeling up for anything social, and thus, I had to apologize and cancel them on spot. Something just did not feel right. Several others agreed with my thoughts. In our daily routine, we were quite used to hearing about Coronavirus through the meme culture, and much effectively ignored it in our serious conversations. While some people were rushing to stock up on masks, sanitizers, and tissues, others were quite indifferent and couldn’t care less of the issue. However, no matter what, it ticked like a clock in the back of...

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Blood and Beats: NCSC’s BDD’19

NUST Community Services Club held its semi-annual event, the Blood Donation Drive, which spanned for four full days i.e. 12th to 15th of November. It was a one-of-a-kind event which was eagerly awaited and greeted with open arms by the entire community at NUST. Bright and early on the 12th of November, the camp for Blood Donation Drive was set up in its usual style in the Helipad Ground. One would imagine any process involving blood to be a gory one, but stepping into the zone of NCSC’s BDD was an entirely different experience. The staff was all helpful,...

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Black and White

What do you see in the night? When all just seems black and white   My mind fathoms what my eyes witness A tale so hidden, is what thus I’ll cite   Relaying the sinner’s tweaks and ills Too oft the layman’s daily delight   However, we notice not the open truth One’s doing causes the other’s plight   Your own deeds can trigger others for sure To do what’s wrong or what is right   And who might guess the sinner repented? Forgiven by His Lord, he reached a new height   So, judge not for how things...

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Top 10 Discoveries of a Freshman at SEECS

One thing we’ve all heard at some point is that university life is just chill. If you ask someone, they’ll say, “don’t worry, you’ll manage.” But if you ask me… Well, I’ll present a whole listicle to you, so buckle up for a bumpy ride! 1) It is going to be very fun Mind the italics. For starters, stepping into NUST was plainly daunting for me. Pretty much out of place, demotivated, and quite quiet, my introvert soul was crushed from the beginning. (And it did not get any better.) 2) You’ll be pushed out of your comfort zone...

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