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Author: Saad Adeel

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Average Life of a Guy in a NUST Society

During my first week at NUST, a few people entered the class one day to share details about one of the many societies in this university. They handed us flyers that included a dozen or so incentives for joining: ‘Discounts at our events’, ‘Preference over non-members’, ‘Free mugs and t-shirts!’ and, the one that actually caught my attention, ‘Free guitar lessons! Become a member for just Rs.100’. I immediately started daydreaming about joining these societies as an executive, and having the liberty to enjoy all these freebies. If only it was as easy as that. The Interview This might...

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5 Things you take with you from NUST, even if your degree isn’t one of them

1. The art of being an Olympian table tennis player Different schools at NUST are getting their demands high not because of the quality of their education, or the building infrastructure, or the type of “environment”, but on the fact that “Yaar us school ki table tennis ki table bohat aala hai, chal udhar chalein.” You come as a noob, who doesn’t even know how to hold a racket in the first semester, but by the time you are in your final year, you have that expression on your face that says “Mein tou paida hi Olympics k table...

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