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Author: Nouman Ahmed

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Media Manipulating Minds

Human beings are blessed with the charisma of thinking and pondering. In our lives, learning through interpretation and personal experience matters a lot. Media is the most powerful of these communication sources. Nowadays, information spreads like wild fire on social media, news channels are treated as cash cows and moral responsibility has disappeared behind the greed for TRP (Television Point Rating) and advertising revenue. Media is now proudly independent; they only air paid shows filled with talk about necessary topics. Television has become the main storytelling vehicle and the journalists have become the key players in legend making and...

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TAME: Pride of NUST

TAME, a project of students of national university of sciences and technology (NUST), achieved first position in the 2017 design challenge of Stanford Center on Longevity (SCL) held in California, United States of America. The theme of the challenge was “INNOVATING AGING IN PLACE” Students from all over the world participated in the competition, presenting their projects, from which nine were selected for the final round. The project “TAME”, from NUST, surpassed all others and bagged first place. Rendever from Massachusetts institute of technology (Cambridge) got second position while team UPPO from VIRGINIA TECH (Blacksburg) stood third. TAME –...

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Nurture the Nature

What can give us peace, beauty and diversity – all in one place? What can make us realise our sole purpose in this world – the purpose not discovered through the scientific knowledge? What can make us feel at home – even in a strange place? What sight can serve as an escape – from the darkness and horror inside us? All these have a single answer– nature – a phenomenon which influences us, and simultaneously is influenced by us. The flowing fresh waters, the mountain tops touching the cool calm never-ending sky, the multi-shaped clouds eyeing from high...

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Taakra – #BattleOfWords

Held annually in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, the event “Taakra” generates huge enthusiasm from the undergrad students who are interested in public speaking. Started under the Student Government Association (SGA), the practice began 5 years ago by the local name “Jirga” but it was replaced to the name “Takra” after 2013. This platform allows students to represent their class, battle for a title and present the topic in a specific time interval. Individuals (maximum six) from the respective classes, in turn, put forward their arguments in order to convince the judges and audience to beat...

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