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Author: Mohammad Mustafa Hassan

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North Korea’s delegation at the 2018 winter Olympics

Considering the escalating nuclear tensions between North Korea and the rest of the world, Kim Jong-un’s decision to send a delegation of athletes, cheerleaders and dignitaries to the Pyongyang winter Olympics came as a huge surprise to the rest of the world. The massive delegation of 400 people, which consisted of only 22 athletes, a 229-member all-female cheerleading squad and a 140-member orchestra, returned to Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea, after a three day visit to the South. Most of the members of the delegation kept to themselves for the length of the stay, with only a...

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The astonishing Tesla roadster

Greatest car ever Tesla shocked the world when it unveiled its latest offering; the Tesla roadster, at the launch event of the Tesla semi (Tesla’s electric semi-truck). The launch of the Semi was already going extremely well when Tesla CEO Elon Musk decided to surprise the audience; a small red colored roadster rolled out of the back of the truck. The aggressive looking vehicle showcased some of its abilities and acceleration before coming to a halt in front of the audience. Elon Musk then proceeded to enlighten the audience with the absolutely mind-boggling specifications of the car. The four...

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2017: Biggest breakthroughs in technology

From electric cars, to cheap 360-degree cameras and self-driving trucks, 2017 has been an astounding year for technological breakthroughs. Here are some of the most notable new technologies that have come to the fore this year. Self-driving trucks Self-driving cars have been in development for some time now, but a startup called Embark has already built and launched self-driving trucks that are delivering refrigerators from Texas to California. Self-driving trucks are in some ways easier to operate and design as compared to self-driving cars since they do not face problems such as heavy traffic and diversions on long routes....

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The endangered Indus River Dolphin is making an extraordinary comeback!

The “Blind” Dolphin, known locally as the “Bhulan”, has comeback from the brink of extinction in recent years. In a report released by WWF Pakistan, titled ‘Signs of hope for the endemic and endangered Bhulan”, based on a study conducted by the organization itself, it was noted that the numbers of the Bhulan have risen from only 1200 in 2001 to 1816 in 2017. This comeback can only be classified as extraordinary, and can be attributed to the persistent efforts of WWF Pakistan aimed towards preserving the natural habitat of the animal, preventing overfishing, reducing agricultural pollution, and conducting...

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So, did Verna hit its mark?

Audience and critics’ appreciation for the film’s topic gets marred by technical weaknesses Shoaib Mansoor’s latest film, Verna, tells the story of a young Pakistani woman who, after facing sexual assault, decides to fight back and take revenge. The film has received mixed reviews from critics; some have praised the film for showing the dark side of our society which not many people are willing to acknowledge, while others have bashed the film for having a lackluster storyline and lack of depth. The main problem with the film that many critics agreed upon was the lack of character depth,...

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