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Author: Munnaza Ahmad

Udaari Changes the Trajectory of Drama Serials in Pakistan

Television dramas, as opposed to films, are conservative in nature owing to the fact that their target audience are families, predominantly women and thus the issues that they highlight are also traditionalist and conventional. However, Udaari proved to be an exception. It redefined the boundaries of what was considered ‘ethical and moral content’ as it pushed forward progressively to grapple with the issue of rape, class system and stigmatization of the ‘Marassi’ community in Pakistan. Udaari is a realistic depiction of the state of affairs in the society. The drama raised the issue of victim shaming and presented rape victims as...

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Sinf-e-Nazuk Key Dastan

In niqabon k peechay chehra kiska hai? Ya bazahir baidagh libada kiska hai? Ya or bichor k kaisay jeeti ho? Apna ap chuppa k khoon peeti ho Band andheri sochon may kyun apna ap bhulati ho? Kyun ghulami may zindagi bitatti ho? Ghut ghut k tum rehti ho Ya bhe koi jeena hai jo tum jeeti ho? Apna haq na lay na chen pati ho, Apna dard bayain karnay say ghaabrati ho May samjhoon tumhari aah –o- zari, tum khatta ka putla kehlati ho, Bas itna samjho tau kafi hai, aurat jo tumhay mashra bulati...

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