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Author: Muhammad Sharjeel

About The Author

Muhammad Sharjeel

A Karachi guy who lived in AD for most of his life. I like Math and cookies.

What is a Pilot Episode

The pilot holds great importance for any show. It is the primary way to decide if the show is binge-worthy or not. It is similar to the first few pages of a book, because honestly speaking, the back synopsis doesn’t tell you much about the book anyways. Thus, pilots have this huge burden on their shoulders to make the right first impression. It often happens that a great show has a poorly written pilot, and it turns back many potential fans. On the other hand, a good pilot may just portray the show like something it is most of...

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Top Five Spiders

We don’t usually associate spiders with the terms “amazing” or “cute”; they are rather considered something to be feared. But with the sheer variety of shapes and forms they come in, and the different habitats they live in, there are bound to be ones that fall under one of these definitions. You can’t talk about spiders without talking about arachnophobia – fear of spiders or other arachnids – as it affects around 5% of the entire population, which is close to 400 million people. Though it would be rash to call this fear irrational, as there are spiders that...

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How to Get Things Done

We all have our own experiences with procrastination. It is an evil that has plagued humanity since the dawn of time, and will probably continue to make us feel miserable till the end of it. As university students, we have regular assignments, projects and quizzes, that beg us to be at our toes but, alas, we leave them all till the eleventh hour. After every all-nighter before an OHT, or that race against the clock to submit an assignment, I ask myself, “Why are you like this?” Unsurprisingly, we all face this in one form or another; procrastination not...

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Lovecraftian Horror

One of the scariest aspects of life is knowing that, in the grand scheme of things, we are insignificant, but maybe even scarier is the fact that we will never know what these grand schemes are. We are curious creatures, and this had driven us forward as a species, yet we face an insurmountable wall, a limit to what is knowable. H.P. Lovecraft was someone whose fear of what lay beyond was coupled with his miserable life, allowing him to write masterful works of fiction that spawned decades of literature under the new brand of Lovecraftian horror. When we...

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