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Author: Mishaal Afzal

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10 TV Shows to look forward to in 2017

Amidst our crazy schedules, strict deadlines and the never-ending assignments, our tendencies to procrastinate increases by tenfold. Every once in a while, our lists of TV series end, and we try getting back into the game. Well I’m here to help you evade that trap, and continue on. After all, what’s the point if we can’t put the pro in procrastinator? Here are the 10 TV shows to look out for, while you’re avoiding those deadlines. 10. Riverdale Were you looking for an ominous drama, with a hot lead – ala Troy Bolton – and one of our long...

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Khuda Mera Bhi Hai – Showcasing a New Outlook

Who else was slightly sick of Pakistani television and its tendency of producing the same Saas-Bahu, lost love stories? Definitely, Me! But Good news! Our production houses have finally woken up, and realized that they can provide messages that aren’t just there to amuse the audience. Previously, with Udaari, which spoke off child sexual abuse, and social class divisions, and now, with Kuda Mera Bhi Hai, these dramas are catering to our society in a way that is previously unheard of. The series in question, talks about transgenderism and its implications in our society, highlighting just how mistreated they...

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