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Author: Manahil Akhlaq

About The Author

Manahil Akhlaq

I think the most interesting thing about humans is how simple these interesting things can be. Similarly I'm in love with the color blue and I can be bribed with Ice-cream anytime. I believe words have the power to express anything and that's what draws me towards writing!

Duniya ke Rung NUST ke Sung- Episode 4 with Amina Sultan

In these times when we truly need to come together, NMC brought forward an inspiring new episode of its talk show ‘Duniya ke Rung, NUST ke Sung’. Episode 4 graced us with a lot of valuable insight and a conversation that was truly thought-provoking, refreshing, and calming. This session was held on the 4th of May, hosted by our very own Minahil Arif, featuring Amina Sultan, a highly talented and successful model, currently a final year student at NUST pursuing her bachelor’s degree in economics at S3H. The episode started with our guest shedding light on how the pandemic...

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There are a lot of uncertainties in our lives. When we think about the term “uncertainty” the first link we create or envision is the feeling of being unsure about something in particular, which makes me wonder if we’re truly sure or certain about anything in our life? We’re certainly not sure about how long our presence will linger on the face of this planet, neither are we sure about what our future holds for us, but we never stop ourselves from thinking about it. When we think about the future, we think about all the uncertainties the future...

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Nature in Danger

When we look around us and see the trees or flowers, we never think about the time that it takes for these species to grow. Similarly, we never think about the adverse effects of cutting down trees. What surrounds us is so beautiful and deserves to be acknowledged by us. The harsh truth is that we are selfish because we fail to recognize and value the beauty around us. We say, “Save the world” but I say, “Acknowledge the world” because with acknowledgment comes the realization of having a responsibility to protect the world around us.  A mother instinctively...

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The End Is Only the Beginning

All things, good or bad, come to an end. Whether we’re experiencing the darkest moments of our life, or experiencing joy in its truest form, both find a way to their ending. However, what does an end mean? Does an end mean completely vanishing, or do endings have another meaning? Endings are truly new beginnings; the kind of beginnings you truly need to function properly in your life, because if you didn’t see things ending, you wouldn’t find new things to start or take on. Then again, some endings like death cannot be explained easily. Death is the ultimate parting of humans from this world. Religiously, the thoughts of many would disagree on what happens after that parting, but this is one ending many of us don’t like to think about. The idea of death is scary because we only see it as an end, but in reality, it’s not. Death is a force that should make us enjoy life while we still have the chance to live it. We’re constantly thinking about our difficulties and things falling out of place, when sometimes all we need to do is not to think about the hardships. There is no guarantee of how long we have on this earth, but as someone once told me, “Live in the present so that you can make your future better.” We certainly can’t change...

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The Magic of Comfort Zones

We create our own boundaries and comfort-zones. Sometimes we feel like we have to limit ourselves to what we can create and achieve. We start believing that our potential is a number that other people define for us. Those who define our potential for us are usually the individuals we spend the most time with, and after a certain period of time, we automatically start seeing ourselves through their eyes. We begin to question our capabilities and power, whenever we don’t see a good image of ourselves through their eyes.  They say “beauty is in the eye of the...

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