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Author: Injie Anis

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Pakistani Student Among Those Killed at Santa Fe

On Friday, May 18 2018, yet another tragedy had occurred in the US. At the Santa Fe High School in Texas, a junior student Dimitrios Pagourtzis opened fire at his art class in the morning. The suspect was using a gun that belongs to his father, who is an active member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). At least 20 people were shot by the suspect. Ten people have been confirmed dead, among them was the Pakistani exchange student, Sabika Sheikh. Sabika was studying in the US as an exchange student through the Youth Exchange & Study (YES) program....

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The Day Big Data & Facebook Betrayed the Internet

For a decade now, Facebook (and social media, in general) has been a vital, albeit controversial, invention in the twenty-first century. It has changed our world drastically, and its positives outweigh the negatives. And that should be acknowledged. But due to the latest revelations about it, it may be time we, as informed netizens, view it with suspicion and outrage. On 17 March, the investigative teams of The New York Times, The Observer and The Guardian and a whistleblower by the name of Christopher Wylie, revealed to the world how political parties and companies that deal with data analytics...

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A Brief History of Stephen Hawking

When a young Stephen Hawking was studying in Cambridge University in 1963, he was told that he would only live for two more years. His disease, being rare, would take away his ability to move on his own. He was a rising star as a student; on his way to make his groundbreaking discovery about black holes, but the doctors were skeptical that he would live for long. The doctors were right, upto a point. He did pass away- but only after 55 years at the age of 76, on Albert Einstein’s birthday (and coincidentally, Pi Day). By then,...

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Street Cleaner: Christopher Anaekwe Garners Fame for Picking Trash

Nigeria gets a lot of flak for not keeping its cities clean. According to WHO, 94% of the population is exposed to air pollution whose levels are above the organization’s guidelines; the city of Onitsha in the southern part of the country is known as the most polluted city in the entire planet. So it was no surprise when some of the city’s residents decided that something must be done about it. Much of the pollution has been affecting the people’s health there. And leading the way is none other than Christopher Anaekwe, who became the internet’s latest hero...

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10 ways to prevent gas accidents

Winter in Pakistan comes with its own set of challenges and issues. Especially in the north, keeping yourself warm is a struggle and cold water for bathing is a nightmare. But there is another issue that has been doing the most damage to many people at this time: gas accidents. In the twin cities alone, last winter, some 3 families’ lives have been claimed because of gas leakages and/or lighting a matchstick at the wrong moment. Around 20 people on average have been burnt due to gas explosions while cases of carbon monoxide poisoning have been continuously rising. Many...

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