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Author: Fatima Rizwan Siddiqi

About The Author

Fatima Rizwan Siddiqi

An aspiring writer and an artist. I take ordinary, mundane things and through the power of words, breathes life into them. A student at NBS, currently in my first semester of BBA and lives with my family in Wah, Pakistan. I depict an emotional depth in writing and art and aim to make a difference in this world through my art, words and ideas.

How does “GET OUT” Reveal the secrets of Racism?

Jordan Peele’s directorial debut film “Get Out” (2017) is a psychological thriller that takes an uncanny approach to tackle racism. The horror film begins with an African American protagonist, Chris, visiting his white friend, Rose’s parents, in an affluent suburb. The storyline focuses on the subtle form of racism that comes from liberal-minded folks who promulgate their love for black people but on the inside, they look down upon them and want to control them. If we dig deep below the surface, we find some extraordinary imagery and symbolism in this exceptional script. One of the most evident emblems...

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Who are we? Nature’s metaphors for life

From the point in time and space at which our existence unfolded, we, humans, have been fixing our gazes up at the sky, the moon, the stars, and all of the celestial and heavenly bodies that make us feel insignificant yet meaningful at the same time. What is it in the cosmos and the universe around us which fascinates humans to seek answers to their intriguing questions? In the delicacy of starlight, in the compactness of the dark matter, in the rings of Saturn, and the beauty of the meteor showers, we discover the divine intellect. The ultimate secrets...

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This January amidst the challenges of the global pandemic, NUST Media Club released its own quintessential talk show, “Duniya ke Rung, NUST ke sung” to entertain us in the comfort of our homes in these tedious times. The riveting talk show is dedicated to embellish our insipid lives and is fun-packed with stories and updates from the campus. Hosted by ebullient freshmen Hadia Rahat and Ahmed Shahvaiz, the show engages the viewers and urges us to grab a hot cup of coffee, get comfortable and enjoy the enthralling stories of our guests. The half-hour-long show premiered its first episode...

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