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Author: Faiez Ahmad

About The Author

Faiez Ahmad

"Despite growing at a place with a dearth of alternative discourses, I have always been interested in harbouring new discussions with people in my social circle. As cliché as it may sound, writing has always been my passion and continues to serve as an opportunity for me to unearth my deep longing for sociopolitical issues. Joining the parliamentary debates' society of my alma mater, Lgs Johar Town, was a defining moment for me, as debating served as a platform for me to not just learn about the issues that have always intrigued me, but also it enabled me to debunk the problematic ideas that I seemed to have internalised. What should our collective aspirations be in the face of social and political degeneracy? What if the institutions that we internalized as our own were in reality the very reason for our suffering? These questions among many other thought provoking ideas may seem like the emotional rant of an existentialist, but I have realized over time that with our energies seemingly reserved for science and technology, we have forgotten to ask questions that challenge the very social fabric that we hold on so dearly. However, this mini uprising inside me that Freud may have called the relentless resurgence of the ‘superego’, took time and arduous effort to reach this moment. During this time, writing has served as my primary means of catharsis, and penning down my thoughts on pertinent issues enabled me to generate discourse on them. Conclusively, my writing is the reflection of our society from the lens of a bystander. "

Interactive Session with Abdal Mufti

It was an absolute pleasure for NMC to host an interactive session with one of our exceptionally talented alumni, Abdal Mufti, on Instagram. Abdal graduated from NUST Business School in 2014 and is currently pursuing illustrative art, alongside working as the Head of Research and Policy Unit at PMUI – PESRP, School of Education. Despite his confounding credentials in the field of management, he is primarily known for his storytelling skills. Being the grandson of Mumtaz Mufti, Abdal hails from a Sufi background and seeks meaning in his experiences using art as his means of self-expression. The session started...

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