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Author: Ayesha Noor Arshad

About The Author

Ayesha Noor Arshad

To calm the whirls inside of me My words pave their way to paper In patterns and rhythm and rhyme And stare at me and you with eyes So dive in them to your desire To see within the watery depths

The Gravedigger

“Silence!”, commanded Father Henderson. The chapel instantly fell still and quiet. Everyone stared at Father Henderson. There were far more people in the chapel than it could fit. The only source of light was the moon – which was at its fullest – but every now and then, the clouds would engulf the moon, and darkness would engulf the chapel. People huddled together, with their faces full of sweat even in the bone–freezing cold of a winter’s night. All eyes trained at the Father on the altar, waiting for his unspoken words. “It is observed by all your retaliation,...

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Glittering Skies and the Art of Peeling Potatoes

When life gives you lemons, you ought to make lemonade out of them. But what if it gave you potatoes to peel instead? While lemonade may temporarily cool your mind, peeling the potatoes may prove to be more therapeutic. Having a good peeler and the perfect technique will enhance the enthusiasm, and accelerate the healing process. Just imagine a hard-brown lump with yellow pulp inside. You delayer it piece-by-piece, with the smooth sound of sliding the peeler, top to bottom. The juice may leak upon your hands, but then it refreshes your skin, soothing your scars. Every fallen piece...

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