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Author: Ayesha Ejaz

About The Author

Ayesha Ejaz

A junior from ASAB, currently doing my bachelors in biosciences. To put it briefly, I am the very definition of introverted. Quiet on the outside and a little bit of quirk on the inside! I love reading all the types of horror related content out there as well as replicating it in my own writing! Oh, and a true crime enthusiast as well! I know almost all of the good anime out there, as well as shows if anyone needs any good recommendations. Do give my content a read and give your two cents about the thoughts I've spilled in my writing!

Anyone Can Be an Artist

Art is the manifestation of human imagination in different forms. Where one can express it by painting, another can do so by sculpturing. There are numerous forms of art one can take on, even if it’s as insignificant as random doodles that you draw when you’re bored in class. Imagination breathes life into whatever your mind conjures up, that can be grouped with what someone would call “art”. Does any human-being lack imagination? No. Then why is it that some are led to believe that they cannot be artists? Science is what would be called the opposite of art;...

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