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Author: Alizah Gul Memon

About The Author

Alizah Gul Memon

An inquisitively nerdy student, interested in Physics, poetry, and photography.

Kodokushi – One of the Saddest Ways to Die

No one wants to die a lonely death; unfortunately, this is happening on a rising scale in Japan. Death is a phenomenon that makes us contemplate on the purpose of life. Being a ticking time bomb in its own right, death drives us to live a life worth living, so that by the time we die we will have made our mark in this world.But while death can bring with it so much to ponder on, the phenomenon of “kodokushi”or “lonely death” in Japan makes us question where exactly the deceased person erred in life to have died such...

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NUST’s Newest Society is Out of This World!

NUST recently welcomed its new Physics and Astronomy Society!   Thursday, 23rd November marked a very important day for the seniors and faculty members of BS Physics, because that is when their brainchild, the SNS Physics Club, was finally embraced as an official society of the National University of Science and Technology. Initiated by the Batch of 2014 as freshmen, the SNS Physics Club would host weekly discussions on topics of Physics. The weekly seminars proved to be a forum for mutual learning and dialogue as the students and faculty members would engage in discussion related to the topic...

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Meghan Markle Beyond the Glitz and Sparkle of the Royal Family

An insight into the life of the “Black Princess” apart from her entry into the Royal Family. Rachel Meghan Markle got catapulted into the limelight after her engagement to Prince Harry was announced on Monday, 27th November. The Suits actress may have been brought into sharp focus because of being the latest addition to the Royal Family, but she has lived a life of standing up against the odds. However, for the Rachel Zane Being born to a Caucasian father and an African American mother, Meghanwas a curly-haired, freckled-faced child who would often be confronted with the question “what...

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NMC Photo Hunt ‘17: The Campus through Cameras

Winner took all his photos from a Smartphone *title image: Most liked from Day 5 by Muhammad Saad Khan From rushing to find the venue in time, to brainstorming on how to capture the theme in the most eye-catching manner possible, NUST Media Club had photography enthusiasts from around the university think on their feet and get their creative juices flowing as they competed against each other in the NMC Photo Hunt last week. Held from 20th to 24th November, the Photo Hunt comprised of a theme and venue, based on which the participants would have to capture and...

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