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Author: Alizah Gul Memon

About The Author

Alizah Gul Memon

An inquisitively nerdy student, interested in Physics, poetry, and photography.

A Celebration of Language and Literature!

In an attempt to rekindle the love for literature in the hearts of the youth, NUST Literary Circle presented the National Literary Festival on 5th and 6th May, 2018. The two-day literature extravaganza featured competitions celebrating different aspects of language; panel discussions by poets, writers, novelists and even researchers; workshops; and social events to top it all off! NLF invited students from across the country to compete in categories including story-writing, elocution, spelling bee, bait bazi, and even calligraphy! Students from institutions including Peshawar University, Air University, Bahria University, IIUI, EME NUST, MCS NUST, AED NUST Risalpur, NUML, FAST,...

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The storm over Afridi’s tweet

On tweeting about the recent casualties in Kashmir, Shahid Afridi recieved all sorts of reactions from different directions It all started when deadly protests and fierce fighting killed 16 combatants (3 Indian soldiers and 13 suspected militants), along with four civilians, in Indian-Occupied Kashmir. Indian High Commissioner Ajay Bisaria called on National Security Adviser (NSA) Retired Lt General Nasser Khan Janjua to discuss the recently worsening situation in Kashmir; and both envoys agreed that the two counties had great potential to improve their relations, and cater to each other’s needs. A day after this meeting, former Pakistan cricket team...

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The Dark Side to Making Skin-Tones Darker

A look into yet another incident of blackface, and the backlash it received. News of one of the latest incidents labelled as blackface has caught people’s attention worldwide, but this time, the occurrence originates from within our very own borders. Aired on Pakistani morning-show Jago Pakistan Jago two weeks ago, selected beauticians were given the task of applying bridal makeup on darker skin tones. Here’s the catch: the models used for this challenge were fair-skinned, and had to get a generous amount of dark colored foundation applied on their faces first. The scandalous segment was part of a competition...

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Ignite 7.0: “We were VIPs in Our Thinking “

Bewitching the crowd with his charm and charisma, Umair Jaliawala speaks at NUST On Monday, Ignite 7.0 by NUST Debating Society arranged a session on “Believe, Act, Rise, and Inspire!” by the Director and Consultant of the School of Leadership (SoL), Umair Jaliawala. Students from various departments of NUST, as well as other universities and high schools attended the event. By the time Mr. Jaliawala arrived half an hour later than scheduled, the NIT seminar hall was bustling with anticipation. The event started with an introduction to The Innovation Challenge, and Jaliawala followed soon after, getting the crowd hyped...

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Math-a-thon comes to NUST!

NUST’s students took on the challenge of making Mathematics fun, using the most unconventional of means. On Wednesday, 7th March, seventeen teams from the National University of Science and Technology went head-to-head in a competition aiming to devise fun methodologies of teaching Mathematics by deriving mathematical concepts from everyday sports and games played by local children. Held in various universities nationwide, Math-A-Thon is a joint initiative of Code for Pakistan, Numaish Karachi and Alif Ailaan; in collaboration with the Pakistan Alliance for Maths and Science, and NUST. The event was hosted by NUST School Natural Sciences (SNS), and NUST...

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