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Author: Ahmed Nasser Anwar

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VR and AR: Change on the Horizon

We are currently living in an era of mobile computing where a major part of our lives is influenced, if not driven by our mobile phones. Now a new technology is taking shape and is looking to replace mobile computing with immersive computing. Devices based on Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) promise a new and unique experience with each use. Virtual reality is basically the reconstruction of an environment using computer-generated simulations. By stimulating the users’ sight and hearing, it makes the user experience the situation firsthand. In layman terms this technology turns illusion into reality. Virtual...

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2018 to hold biggest PSL yet!

New franchise, players, venues and plans of broadcasting PSL in India. The third season of Pakistan Super League (PSL) is set to commence in February 2018. This year a new team will be making its debut; the Multan Sultans. With 6 teams this time around it is confirmed that 34 matches will take place (10 more than last year), 8 of which will be taking place in Pakistan. Venues include Sharjah, Dubai, Lahore and for the first time, Karachi. In another major development, PSL is set to be broadcast in India after the newly launched D-Sports acquired rights. This...

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