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Author: Ahmed Nasser Anwar

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Pakistani Movies of 2017

The Hits and the Misses Pakistani cinema has been on the rise in recent years, bringing to the screen some of the most entertaining and critically acclaimed showcases in the history of the country. 2017 has also been a good year for Pakistani cinema, if at the very least in terms of the sheer number films produced. While there have been some truly remarkable movies in 2017, not all of its showcases are worthy of being admired. Starting with the hits, Punjab Nahi Jaungi would be the undisputed king of this year’s best films. The film is Pakistan’s highest...

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Online Gaming: Pakistan’s New Favorite Pastime

Pakistan has been keeping up with the global video gaming wave For a vast majority of the world, video games are the face of virtual entertainment. As the internet has brought on a new age of file sharing and online connectivity, it is also to blame for bringing about the culture of online gaming. While games are designed to be a fun experience on their lonesome, not a single gamer would disagree to the saying “It’s always more fun to play with others”. This simple idea has grown into a way of life for not only teenagers but also...

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How Pakistan reacted to Donald Trump’s Jerusalem Decision

A summary of how Government and citizens lashed out at the US President On Wednesday 6th of December 9, 2017 the president of the United States, Donald Trump arbitrarily declared Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel in a speech from the White House. This new approach to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, as is the stated reasoning behind his historical declaration, has sent shockwaves throughout the world. Not surprisingly the Palestinians rose up in protest and other Muslim states followed suit. Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia took to the streets to showcase their disgust with chants and cries of “Destroy...

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3D Printing: The True Power of Creation

From food to prosthetic limbs, 3D printing has expanded the boundaries of customization, without expensive and gigantic equipment.   3D printing, or Additive Manufacturing (AM) is simply the process of giving physical form to 3-dimensional computer models. The fundamental use of this technology was to acquire specialized parts for complex machinery without having to use large-scale industrial processes. This made it quite popular in the medical, aviation and automation industries, leading to the creation of personalized prosthetic limbs, dental and other medical implants. The major advantage of this technology was the ability to inexpensively render and test concept prototypes...

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Emotion AI: The Digitization of Human Emotions

Can emotions replace active input for an optimized user experience? From the creation of the internet that revolutionized human connectivity, to advanced robotics made in our very image, technology has come a long way. All of these technologies however, have a limitation that does not allow them to interact effectively with their users. They lack the ability to sense our needs and need to be told what to do. You can replace touch screens with voice recognizing AIs like Siri and Alexa but you’ll still have to give input in one form or another. This is not really an...

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