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Author: Ahmed Nasser Anwar

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Mohamed Salah – The Egyptian King

For a vast number of those people, football has transcended the dimension of a mere past time and has become akin to religion. It comes as no surprise then to see the players that make such passion come to life, as having a great deal of influence on their fans. Keeping in mind the scope of the footballing community across the globe, it is by no means an exaggeration to say that these professional footballers may just as well have the power to influence parts of the world. The clearest example of such a feat can be found by...

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A year in space alters Astronaut’s Gene Expression

Scott Kelly, a retired astronaut with four space flight missions under his belt; returned home from space after a year in March 2016, to find that his genetic sequence has been altered. This was determined by the fact that Scott Kelly’s genetic sequence no longer matched his twin brother’s. To be more accurate, 7% of Scott’s gene expression did not return to normal even after 6 months of his return to Earth. He had also grown 2 inches taller, but this detail has returned to normal. What needs to be understood is the fact that Scott’s genetic sequence changed...

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Sir Roger Bannister: Strength of Will

The life of Sir Roger Bannister serves as a testament to the limitlessness of human potential and all those fortunate enough to know of his achievements, need only remember them in their time of self-doubt. Roger Bannister, born in Harrow, England was a middle distance athlete, a doctor and an academic, whose life shows just what humans can achieve through determination and strength of will. He was inspired by the miler (mile runner) Sydney Wooderson. Wooderson set the mile record but saw it surpassed. Eight years after the fact, Wooderson regains his old form and challenges the new record...

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Stem Cells: The Future of Medicine

From being regarded as a mystical art, deeply rooted in religion, medicine was fated to be studied as a scientific field that took the simple act of healing to new heights. Now the progression of science and technology has revolutionized the field of medicine, redefining the limit of man’s control over the human anatomy. The revolution has come in the form of stem cells; these cells differ from ordinary cells on two accounts. Firstly, they have the ability to divide and create more of themselves through a process called mitosis. Secondly, under specific conditions they can be induced or...

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The Deep Web and The Dark Web

Search Engine results account for only 4% of the internet The internet is a treasure trove of information that merely awaits our command to reveal itself, but this wonderful place hides more than a few secrets of its own. Hidden within the vastness of the internet lies spaces that are not accounted for, that are not indexed and that hold information that is out of the reach of any search engine. The internet that many of us are familiar with is called the “Surface Web“ or “Lightnet”, and strictly speaking it encompasses anything and everything that can be indexed...

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