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Author: Ahmad Dogar

Freshie’s Experience of NUST

NUST, a dream of many but achieved only by a few is a place which becomes home. A reminiscence which they hold onto for years. I am a sophomore, but I have started to realize that this place is more than just a university. I...

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The litter problem of NUST

If you are ever strolling around campus, you will take a look at wrappers, plastic bottles, disposable plates and cups randomly scattered on the ground. Taking a closer look, you may go ahead to acknowledge that the trash cans...

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is an American media establishment and shared universe fixated on a progression of hero films created by Marvel Studios. The movies depend on characters that show up in American comic books...

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NIETZSCHE’S PHILOSOPHY: BEAUTY OF LIFE Imagine reliving this life exactly how it has passed and exactly how it will, with all its ups and downs, fortunes and tragedies, pleasures, and pains over and over for eternity. Would we...

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