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Author: Ahmad Dogar

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Freshie’s Experience of NUST

NUST, a dream of many but achieved only by a few is a place which becomes home. A reminiscence which they hold onto for years. I am a sophomore, but I have started to realize that this place is more than just a university. I often think of graduating and knowing that one day I’ll have to leave as well. This makes me ponder what makes these mere buildings, footpaths, grounds, and cafeterias so special. It takes me down the memory lane and reminds me of when I first entered NUST. Riveted.  An 18-year old is indeed riveted to see an institution that is so widespread that it feels prestigious to be standing on that ground. You try your best to keep a calm and composed demeanor, because of course the first impression is the last impression, however an entire jukebox of emotions is jingling and rattling inside your head. The day has already started and you are surrounded by so many unknown faces but you are only successful in making awkward, friendly yet distant eye contact with a few. These are your first day friends and often lifelong friends.  The batch of 2021 was welcomed with an overwhelming orientation that gave the newcomers an experience of the environment that NUST has to offer. To dive deeper into the experiences newcomers have had so far, interviews were done.  And...

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The litter problem of NUST

If you are ever strolling around campus, you will take a look at wrappers, plastic bottles, disposable plates and cups randomly scattered on the ground. Taking a closer look, you may go ahead to acknowledge that the trash cans are half empty and the trash is just tossed by someone as near to the trash bin as possible but they didn’t bother to place it inside the dustbin. You might question your sight when you realize that the place you passed by just an hour ago had a few wrappers lying around and when you come across the same place after a lesson or two, you realize that those abandoned wrappers have gone from a few to a decent amount. To your dismay, it wasn’t your weak eyesight but a tragic recent reality of  NUST. A downhearted scene to see on campus. What further adds to one’s dismay is that all of the trash strewn and wandering on ground is a consequence of what has now become a common practice for students. The same students who are educated and are in the process of attaining the best degrees from the most prestigious institute of the country. It curtails to the point that education is more than just books and it is rather beyond a classroom.  Either it is the ‘I don’t care attitude’ or unintentional tossing of trash wherever...

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“How to humor yourself on campus during classes”

When you’re in NUST, the day usually kicks off with back-to-back lectures, accompanied by a lot of workload in the form of quizzes, assignments, projects, and whatnot. This is the day-to-day life of every other student on campus. It doesn’t matter if you’re on your time off, chilling with your friends and enjoying a sunny, breezy wind or crooning to your favorite jam, somewhere in your head there exists a constant knock of academic burden that you cannot shake off. Eventually, however, you do learn to live with it. Every student here knows the importance that academic success holds, and they strive to be the very best they can be with the time and resources they have available. It’s a race we’re all implicitly a part of. With all of that being said, the importance of short, mindful breaks cannot be overstated. The role of temporarily taking your mind off the worries of academia is pivotal to your long-term personal and professional growth. A balance needs to be struck between curricular and extracurricular activities. NUSTians are blessed to have a campus life that offers so many ways in which a student can humor themselves on campus during classes. Have an hour or so to kill? Take a walk around the scenic campus. While you’re at it, head on over to C1 and you just might find yourself in the...

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is an American media establishment and shared universe fixated on a progression of hero films created by Marvel Studios. The movies depend on characters that show up in American comic books distributed by Marvel Comics. The Marvel Comics are highly famous throughout the world. Originally started in 1939 by the Late Stan Lee, Marvel have since published about 27,000 comics starring various Superheroes, Supervillains and a lot of fascinating characters who have amazing backstories and the side characters are much more than regular NPC’s. These comics are the contributing factors that led to the movies and made Marvel one of the largest and the most renowned movie franchises to date. The journey of Marvel Cinematic Universe started in May 2008 with the release of Iron Man which introduced us to Robert Downey Jr. He has truly become the face of MCU having featured in more than 8 different projects. The release of Iron-Man was closely followed by The Incredible Hulk which familiarized us with the Green Goliath i.e. The Hulk otherwise known as Dr Bruce Banner played artistically by Mark Ruffalo. Marvel kept releasing more and more movies with every passing year which gave life to several comic book heroes such as: Thor portrayed wonderfully by Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans was cast as Captain America and of course everyone’s favourite “Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman”...

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NIETZSCHE’S PHILOSOPHY: BEAUTY OF LIFE Imagine reliving this life exactly how it has passed and exactly how it will, with all its ups and downs, fortunes and tragedies, pleasures, and pains over and over for eternity. Would we change it? The philosophy of Amor Fati answers this question. Amor fati, a Latin phrase that is translated as “loving one’s fate”, is an attitude of seeing every happening in one’s life as beautiful and necessary including sufferings and loss. Amor fati is the will or desire to live one’s life unchanged and happily. The concept rests its roots in the soil of philosophy,” Eternal Recurrence”.  Inspired by Stoicism, Nietzsche uses this contemplation as a workshop and discovers his most ambitious concepts. Nietzsche has described the will to power in terms of eternal and world-encompassing creativity and destructiveness. Like the temporal structure of Heraclitus’ child at play, arranging toys in fanciful constructions that merely seems like everything great, before tearing down that structure and building it again with a new mishap. Living in this manner, according to Nietzsche, to affirm this kind of cosmology and eternity, is to “live dangerously” and to “love fate” (amor fati). The term love in the phrase, “Loving one’s life” is a key nuance to his usage. It is a sentiment or a declaration against the will and tendency to regret and against assuming that one...

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