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Author: Adeena Tahir

About The Author

Adeena Tahir

I'm Adeena Tahir, sophomore at IESE NUST. I’m an observant caffeinated ambivert, who tries her best to put into words all those moments, where suddenly everything that once seemed mundane turns poetic and to cause an exchange of perceptions through empathetic writing!

NUST Olympiad Day Three

As the sunrise on 9th of March announced the dawn of Day 3 of the NUST Olympiad Series, it was beyond any doubt that the event had already left an unwavering impression onto its attending crowds. As the breakfast tables at NUST Hostels crowded up in the morning with Olympiad participants bursting in delight over the mesmerizing chronicles of the spectacular Strings Concert from the night before, it was already clear that the Day 3 had highest of expectations to meet. So, like eager morning birds who strike into action with the breaking of the first beams of sunrise,...

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The Plight of Humanity Today

The screen stares back at me hauntingly, its blue iridescent light shining mercilessly onto my eyes in the thick darkness of the night. My sight is fixated, while my brain feels as if a train is racing wildly on intertwined metal tracks. I feel drained and exhausted. On the screen, my Facebook feed is spread out and there are people’s faces painted here and there, and advertisements of some sales at local flagships sprawled across the white and blue interior of my computer. There, in the middle, lies the visual that has shredded the fabric of my soul and...

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A Letter of Love for the Millennial Crowd

You are probably reading this on your bed at 7 am as you try to wake up to a new day. You’ll continue looking at your screen for the next hour as you get up and get dressed. You stumble onto someone’s pictures of their trip to Ibiza as you microwave your oatmeal. You’ll place a heart on it as you silently renew the resolve to travel one day. But as for today, you have to catch your morning bus before it’s too late. There aren’t many who can walk around the streets anymore in some parts of the...

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My Dhaba Chronicle

For most people, Sundays are the true highlights of their entire weekends. When asked what activity is their favorite thing to do on the one day when they are privileged with some free time, well the answers could range from reading a book to just about anything. However, today, let a foodie like me explain why there isn’t anything out there that is possibly more satisfying than a Sunday started off on a dynamic, calorie packed, breakfast from your local dhaba! After all, what other activities can confidently boast to be light on your pockets but nourishing to both the soul and the body? It is early in the morning. The winter fog still droops low over the city, towering over like a stupendous cloud that is here to say its final goodbyes. The sky is bathed in hues of orange, crimson and red, as the morning sun is mounting up and announcing the dawn of the new day. Half of the people are still asleep, leaving the rest of city to appear as if a tranquil and hushed scene straight out of a Van Gough’s soothing painting of a country side. And so here you are basking in the morning sun’s warmth, lounging dreamily onto a sturdy brown charpae, covered all over with embroidered velvety cushions in bright notes of purple and red. The rugged and old radio...

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Laika – The Space Hero

This was the night of 3rd November 1957. The world was at its heels, the faces of people plastered against their screens. The old boxy television and radio sets were all tuned in and blaring as the people sat huddled together inside the stuffy clubs that night in Moscow and beyond. Then, they all heard it. The rocket Sputnik 2 was launching off into space, with the beloved warrior Laika inside it, embarking on a voyage to redefine humanity’s reach amongst the starry skies. As the rocket gushed and thrusted itself into a launch, the world sat waiting to witness what would be the next thing to unfold. The first possible outcome was, that the Sputnik 2 would disembark, disintegrate and collapse into nothingness if it exploded before reaching planet Earth’s Orbit. The other possibility, which once seemed like a rational hope, now was rapidly fading into ludicrousness, as the stakes were stacking with every mile the rocket was ascending. If it were to remain intact, and if little Laika were to remain alive inside it, then the humans would just have sent out successfully, into the orbit, a living, breathing being. It would forever change how we would look at our skies, and our stars, as suddenly they would seem within the human grasp. So, it happened. After a seemingly endless period of wait, it was announced from...

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