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Author: Abrish Nayyar

About The Author

Abrish Nayyar

Taking inspiration from fiction and life, this author has been making stories up since she learned how to form sentences. She is an avid reader, with more words in her drafts than ever spoken out loud - unless you count the passionate rants on her favourite books and characters.

Saltafa X NMC

On the 29th of December, NUST Media Club hosted a live stream starring the popular meme page owner, Saltafa. Saltafa not only has a meme page (@saltafa) with a following of 147K, but his alternate pages also have a combined total of 38.7K followers. He gained popularity through niche memes targeted at mainly desi audiences of ages 12 to mid-20s. Since this is the most common age group of Instagram users, it did not take very long for him to gain a following that related to his posts. As of a year ago, he also runs his youtube channel...

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