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Author: Abdulrehman Tariq

A Theater Drive With No One to No Place

The tarmac snaked its way across the hillside with firefly street lights lining the edges of a road that led to no place. A deep red sedan galloped up the slopes in time with a pair of white light-laden stallions that raced alongside, leaving nothing but low lit lanterns in the wake of their u-shaped hooves. Night continued to fold as the rain drops flew down in streaks and shattered against the cold glass of the windscreen; waves upon waves settled on the screen and began to reflect the tired hazel eyes, the smoke trials rising from a cigarette...

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The Art of Healing

Contrary to what the title initially brings to mind, this humble compilation of words is a rather simple empathetic illustration of how an individual can help heal another, regardless of the predicament or hurt deep-rooted in them. This concept is in line with the fact that healing in itself is a term that encompasses a broad spectrum of actions, words, and even a glimmer hope not limited to one’s self; healing is a light bulb that you can help switch on in all the dark rooms you come across, and watch as the shadows slowly inch back, leaving the...

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