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Author: Rammal Hashmi

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Rammal Hashmi

I'm passionate about my writing. I've been running a freelance digital art business for over 5 years now. My definition of fun is synonymous to Dream Warriors' definition of a bombastic jazz style (look it up). I’m pretty grounded with a good chance of losing my shit once every fortnight. (Sorry)

10 Songs to Listen to Before a Stressful Exam Session

Experiencing nervousness and anxiety prior to a big exam isn’t unusual at all. At some point in our lives – more-so frequently nowadays, we’ve all been through those gut reactions. And ironically, regardless of how many times we’ve been through the same sensations, it doesn’t seem to get easier till date. However, one can always take up de-stressing options to drive out exam-driven anxiety; and what better way to do that than by turning up a playlist that literally does it for you? Music will always be a convenient stress reliever – mostly because it’s enjoyable. I’m pretty sure...

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On Friday, the 22nd of February 2019, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) honored its in total 31 well-acclaimed societies, all of which have been playing their outstanding roles in establishing diverse and incredible opportunities for student extracurricular activities. While most of them have successfully been thriving at NUST for five or so years, others in more special cases, have endured even more. Having withstood years that come and go, societies have become an incumbent and integral part of students’ lives at NUST, and their need to many-a-time ignite individual passions, which ultimately, creates a sense of connectedness...

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