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Author: Jawad Rana

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Event Coverage: NUST Olympiad Day 4

A beautiful end makes everything beautiful. Such was the fourth day of Olympiad, that left us with the gift of a beautiful memory; A memory of excitement, joy and laughter. The day began with final matches of Futsal and Cricket, with Futsal played at the HBL  ground, and Cricket at SNS ground. Whenever the best of the best contend against each other, the match is bound to be thrilling. The cricket match was fought between Zalmi and Combined Zalmi. The zeal displayed by both teams was praise-worthy, but the determination of Combined Zalmi exceeded their opponent’s and they came...

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Be the Eagle that Flies

I see an eagle that flies Its gaze is on the Earth, The people and their love Like a play, witnessed from above It sees and it knows Yet is not a part of what’s below It is above, And away Of all affairs, aware And safe from the evil Coming from the ones Who relentlessly pursue   Blind to what is false, and blind to what is true Its companions are the ones who have wings and who fly And it has no friends, but the generous sky But yes! O yes. The eagle will land when the...

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