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Author: Muhammad Jawad Rana

About The Author

Muhammad Jawad Rana

I am Jawad, born and raised in the city of Okara. I am currently studying Environmental Engineering, other than studying myself. Among the things I love, is writing, night, fragrances, prayer, coffee, philosophy and friends.

NEC x NBIOS : Mental Health Seminar!

On the recent 6th of March, NUST Environment Club in collaboration with NUST BioReach Society organized an ambitious ‘Mental Health Seminar’ sponsored by Consuldents and Fulbright and was held at RIMMs Seminar Hall. It was done realizing the imminent need of creating mental health awareness, particularly amongst the young student demographic, since the occurrence of tragic events among our youth arising from states of poor mental health are becoming more and more common. Keeping in mind how talking openly and honestly about one’s mental health is still considered as a social taboo, it makes it incredibly intimidating for people...

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He Poured Water into the Glass

As I sit at the dining table, with half closed eyes, I see my friend lifting the water jug. He pours water into a glass, and puts it in front of me. “Here.”, he said, and continued eating his meal. My half closed eyes opened up. To me, this little action spoke a thousand words; words that my mind did not hear. To the mind, it was merely a boy giving me a glass of water. This is a sight that one has witnessed plenty. So the mind stays as unmoved, as it was before. But the soul, that...

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Joy Turns to Regret

Joy turns to Regret When gift turns to Test Isn’t it time for the Tears to come to a Rest? It has been made easy for the heart to hold on to what kills it And what gives it Life, It eventually forgets Why does the past cling to the present And refuses to be the ‘past’ Suddenly, Like a burning arrow It pierces through the Heart. The hand grabs the chest as the heart is now on Fire… ”Harmless is my path”, Satan indeed was a Liar. Why am I going blind to ‘hope’? It must be the...

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