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Author: Izza Babar

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Beyond Paper with Aleena Qaiser

Welcome Back, Readers! When it comes to describing artists and their work, our own words tend to diffuse away from the depth of what the artist wants to say. This is especially true when it comes to writing tributes on paper. So, for a refreshing change, here’s the story of one such endearing artist, but narrated in her own very style. As Paper Crush went to seek out aspiring artists who have already earned the merit of resonating well beyond in their communities through their work, we were lucky to find Aleena Qaiser! A talented self-taught makeup artist, who...

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NCSC Record Breaking Blood Donation Drive

So, which of the bounties of your lord will you deny? It felt not so strange, even though I had anticipated it to be. Heck it almost felt if I was finally amounting myself for something noble and compassionate for the first time in very long and I could already feel proud. Beneath this sensation of doing something important, the feelings of compulsion gushed through me faster than the stygian blood that circulates daily through my arteries and veins, thick and scarlet , as I filled out the section of “Health history” for blood donation form knowing how privileged...

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Olympiad Day 2

The sounds of instruments rumbled throughout, crazed fans yelled at the top of their lungs, and the excitement took over. The enormous stage was set up perfectly as the band slowly started to make their way to the spotlight. The level of sound was so astronomical as the music roared through the venue out to the streets of NUST . Every time the bass drum was struck by Karim Bashir, the feeling of the repercussion was within the members of the crowd’s chests. The floor beneath the magnanimous crowd of people seemed to sway with the beat of each...

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What is brewing in the basement

You must be wondering, “What is brewing in the basement?” well, a vivid red mug that is thumped upon the platform of Pakistan’s Music Industry by the one and only Zulfiqar ‘Xulfi’ Jabbar Khan with his beans that are crushed and unraveled to unleash young blood like Hadiya Hashmi who uses her skilled yet innocent voice with Adnan Dhool’s husky, gritty vocals that are poured along with  “Soch” the Band, seamlessly blending  into connotations of a prayer with lyrics that call out to the higher being. The concept of Sufism is brewed into an engaging song which wafts heavily...

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Kalash Valley

It was such a long time ago that my mind softens even the sharpest features, melting memories into liquid pain. Memories, where I wake up to insipid mornings, stretching, making coffee, relishing  long walks towards Alishang river where I watch the spray transform into a fierce prism, catching the last golden ray of sunlight and tossing them up like liquid crystal. Memories, where the love of my life walks through the fields like poetry, the slow grace of his movements rushing through me until all I could do was gasp. Memories, where I visited Kalash Valley in summers.  ...

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