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Author: Aiman Tariq

About The Author

Aiman Tariq

The mist of my dreams transformed into the choking dusts of reality.

The Tyranny of Expectations

      “I was confident. Everything would go the way that I had thought it would. There would be no surprises. I would encounter no difficulties whatsoever and life would always remain the same.” These were the thoughts of my twelve year old self as I boarded the plane back to my homeland, Pakistan.  We were leaving the UAE for good. I had just completed my sixth grade and it was only a matter of a few days after of me getting my report card that the luggage carriers came in, packed all of the family’s belongings and shipped them...

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Self-Confidence – Use It or Lose It

Over a century ago, the famous William James made an observation: Most people live in a restricted circle of potential. Reasons behind this truth don’t revolve around a lack of intelligence, privileges or resources, but rather a lack of belief in personal ability, or rather – a lack of self-confidence. Without it, you can walk, but with it, you can fly. However, when all is said and done, what is self-confidence? Some people view confidence as an embedded trait, something that an individual is born with and that the rest are left wishing for. However, research proves the stark...

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