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ASAB: Truck Art themed welcome party postponed

ASAB: Truck Art themed welcome party postponed

When students join a university, the very first thing they look forward to is a welcome party. This party is usually arranged by the seniors within a month or two and the welcome is the most awaited event for the freshmen. It is not only a means of interaction with the senior students, but  a night full of elegance and glamor. From choosing the theme to setting up the décor, dressing up in pretty dresses to choosing the menu, fun-filled segments to photoshoots with friends;  everything about the party is exciting.

For the ASAB Batch 2016, the administration decided to throw a welcome party on the 24th February, 2017. This news was forwarded to us during the semester break and the student body started making preparations immediately.

The most challenging decision was to decide on a theme for the party. An organising committee of 40+ members in this regard was icing on the cake as everyone had different ideas. After much discussion, the unique theme of truck art was finalised. (image#1 add here)

Truck art as a party theme had never been executed before and thus the OC was very nervous about it before the announcement. To their surprise, the students loved it. They had two weeks to prepare for the ceremony. Arranging the material for décor, taking permission for the availability of CIPS Auditorium, writing scripts, rehearsing those scripts and most importantly for some, getting the theme-based dresses ready; this was the OC’s checklist. The committee worked really hard; within an hour the Facebook event page and cover photo were designed and advertised. Scripts and videos were finalised in two days. Everyone was trying their utmost to complete the preparations on time.

But then news broke out that the event has been postponed due to prevailing security issues in the country.

Most of the students were left highly disappointed and they shared their grievances with us. Farah Mahmoud, an ASAB freshmen says,

“I was really excited about the welcome party and my dress is almost ready. The welcome was a great opportunity for us to enjoy ourselves and move away from the monotonous routine of assignments and quizzes.”


Freshmen might not be finding much joy in this delay, but the OC is treating it as an opportunity to polish their work. They hope that the added time will help them make the event even bigger and better than before.

“Truck art theme is something that has never been done before and we are really excited and looking forward to it. The welcome announcement was so sudden that we didn’t have enough time to start the décor but now fortunately, or unfortunately, it has been delayed and we get to have more time for the décor. I hope our team will come up with a colourful and desi décor that we all enjoy.”, said a team member of décor.

The new tentative date for the welcome is now end of March, and with the added time for the preparation, everyone has high expectations.

Edited by: Fakhir Munir


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