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Are we qualified to be called Humans

Are we qualified to be called Humans

Greetings and a message to all world,  

What is peace? Is it a symbol, a sign, a mark, a feeling, a state, a mentality, a characteristic, a feature, a teaching, a thing, a creature; or something yet we do not understand? Or is it beyond the dimensions of comprehension at this stage, perhaps the fourth dimension? Or is it the second name for “love”? If I visit Wikipedia, it states peace as:

“A lack of conflict and freedom from the fear of violence between heterogeneous social groups.”

In simpler words, peace is a state where there is no violence, chaos, anarchy, riots, or anything evil or atrocious.

So how can we achieve peace? Peace is associated with our feelings; feelings of love, compassion, honor, respect. While feelings of anger, hatred, and tension give rise to evils, both antonymous, opposite, antipodal, and can devour each other. So, to achieve peace should we amputate all feelings? Eradicate the innate by which we are called as humans? Become robots with no sense of feelings? Or put this ability into a dormant state? I leave the answer to this question up to the readers.

Whether peace is from a religion or a book, it may or may not be. But it is indubitable that we have to reach out and touch the nations. The first question that came to my mind is: What is a religion? A set of adorations? Or is it mythology? Whatever it is, it has a profound impact on the whole of society, regulating each and every section of individuals as well as collective life. A religion, whether it is Islam, Christianity, or Buddhism, all teach peace. Does any religion give the message of hatred?

 Or is it just us, the human beings, Who have interpreted the teachings in such a way to find a loophole for violence for our own personal interests?. Let me give one reference from each of the above mentioned three religions:

●      Holy Quran (10:25):

“God calls to the Land of Peace.”

●      Leviticus (26:6):

“And I shall place peace upon the land.”

●      The Dhammapada:

“The bhikkhu (monk) who lives in loving-kindness,

           and is pleased in the Buddha’s teaching,

           attains the peaceful state (Nibbana),

           which is happiness at the allaying of conditioned things.”

Are there only three religions? Might be hundreds, but I can aver that none of them teaches violence. And as a Muslim and Pakistani, I hear a lot that Islam Is the Religion of hatred. But let me tell all the world that the word ‘Islam’ is derived from the Arabic word ‘Salaam’ that literally means ‘Peace’. It is not the religion that pronounces hatred. It is us who are interpreting the information in such a way, not following the order of Islam, the true teachings. And the people who say that they are Muslims and kill (terrorists or hostile groups), are you eligible to be called Muslims? Or even humans? 

As stated in the Holy Quran (5:32):

“Whoever kills a person [unjustly]…it is as though he has killed all mankind. And whoever saves a life, it is as though he had saved all mankind.”

All religions consist of a set of adorations and some holy books. Although they deliver a message of peace, they cannot make us follow it. It is onto us to learn it. I ask from all nations, civilizations, cultures, tribes, countries, are we learning peace from our religions? Or are we disgracing each other, using each other’s religion for war, misery, and gaining personal profits.

Why is it that we are no longer eligible to be called human beings, to be called the proclaimers of peace, the restorers of natural balance and order? And are there Angel of Peace and Angel of Hatred or rather Devil of Hatred? Or is it just our corrupted minds, dark souls, and foul hearts?

Why can’t we see the misery of others? Children in Libya and Syria, people of Kashmir, Why? Might my heart, soul, body, and eyes are dropping tears? If there was a degree to become a human being, then I guarantee that none of us could qualify to get it.                                                                                         

I blame no one but myself. Why am I a human? Why are we so disgraced now, where material things are more important than feelings, people, and relations? So what should I do? I can only be the first drop of rain a naïve approach may be. I can only try to reach out to the world my message, the message of all religions, the message of peace, the message of God.     

Now, it’s all onto us to learn this message, absorb it, dive into it, make it our destiny, our religion, make it the cellular component of our body, our soul, and become a true human -being. Only in that case can we achieve a world of peace, prosperity, and commonwealth. And everyone’s interests are protected. Our national hero Abdul-Satar Edhi once said:

“No religion is higher than humanity.”

The beam of hope is not lost. Accept this message and spread it because only then can we rightfully be called humans. Now, I hear this within my heartbeat:

          The flowers of peace are blossoming;

           the fire of hate is vanishing;

           the chambers of the heart with love are filling;

           the tears in my eyes are now drying;

           the smiles on faces are returning;

           the true message of religions is spreading;

           the commonwealth is arriving;

           the divine flow is commencing.


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