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Anime for Non-Anime Fans

Anime for Non-Anime Fans

Whenever someone comes across a person who likes anime, their first reaction is, “You still watch cartoons?”  Anime lovers are constantly asked that question, and eventually, they give up on replying to it altogether. Although anime and cartoons seem very similar, there’s a fine distinction between the two. Where cartoons are suited for children, anime usually are a bit more mature and can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. In fact, “animation” is the only part that links the two. Even that, with one look, can be easily distinguished.

However, if you’re not an anime fan, there are a few out there that’d catch even your interest. Here’s a list of a few of the anime a rookie like you can enjoy!

1. Death Note:

I’m sure you’ve heard of this one at least once in your life but never come to understand why everyone’s so obsessed with it! Death note is a psychological thriller that centers on a teen genius, Light Yagami, who comes across a notebook that belongs to a god of death and kills whoever’s name is written on it. Sounds interesting? That’s not even a quarter of what the anime has to offer! It not only questions morality but is also filled with mind games as Light struggles to out-smart a detective named L who’s equally as smart as him. There’s never a dull moment in this anime!

2. Attack on Titan:

If you’re into some action with a psychological edge, then this anime is just for you! Set up in a fantasy world, it’s about humanity’s struggle for survival as they are trapped inside three walls surrounded by gigantic human-eating titans. It’s rather graphic and is often left open for interpretation by the viewers, making it not only interesting but also mind-boggling at times. This anime is not only popular in Japan, but also worldwide, selling 10 million of its written copies outside of Japan. It continues to gain popularity as more of its seasons are released, making it a must-watch whether anime is your forte or not!

3. Steins; Gate:

Steins; Gate is a relatively light-hearted anime compared to the two mentioned above, but not quite so. The anime follows a self-proclaimed “mad scientist” Okabe, as he accidentally discovers a method of time travel, through which he can send messages to the past, thereby changing the present. The series has its emotional moments, and at times, you’d find yourself frustrated when things just don’t seem to be working out. The humor is also one of the best compared to most anime. By the end, you’d surely find yourself wanting more!

4. Welcome to the N.H.K:

This anime is not quite like the rest and is my personal favorite. Though quite underrated, it doesn’t fall short in keeping the viewer interested as it delves into themes like going through depression, isolation, existential dread, the hardships of life, and how people must deal with them their own way. The series is quite deep, with very good character development. You’d find yourself learning a lot by the end of this anime and would most likely find yourself relating to the characters as well. If you want something deep to watch, then this is the anime for you!


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A junior from ASAB, currently doing my bachelors in biosciences. To put it briefly, I am the very definition of introverted. Quiet on the outside and a little bit of quirk on the inside! I love reading all the types of horror related content out there as well as replicating it in my own writing! Oh, and a true crime enthusiast as well! I know almost all of the good anime out there, as well as shows if anyone needs any good recommendations. Do give my content a read and give your two cents about the thoughts I've spilled in my writing!