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A Tribute to the Class of 2019

A Tribute to the Class of 2019

By Areej Saqib
Photo Credits: Marium Ejaz


It seems only few moments ago you were sitting in CIPS building, clueless of what treasures your university life held for you. Now the time has come that you will be graduating from it in stunning gowns, with tears in your eyes, degrees in your hands, and a million countless memories that you will cherish forever.

It is ironic how we seem to value the present only when it becomes the past. The dash for the attendances, the sleepy looks passed in classes in moments of boredom, the repeated singing of ‘happy birthday’ in the middle of lectures, the last minute assignment discussions, the relatable memes in the group, the walks on rainy days, the autumn photoshoots; all the little things that once felt ordinary will be missed most extraordinarily.

We are terrified of the day we will come to NUST and your faces won’t be there among the crowd of C1; the day we will walk into your hostel room, forgetting that you are not there anymore; the day we will walk into the corridors of our department, our eyes darting to your favorite spots only to find them occupied by someone else.

Naturally, first we will deny the truth: pretend that you are around when you aren’t, but deep down, we will know that you have gone; deep down we will know that from that day onwards no matter how much we search for your faces, we will no longer find them.

It is always hard to say goodbye. We instead pretend it isn’t goodbye, but goodbyes aren’t always so bad. Everything has a start and an end. There was a time when you were leaving school and your university life was about to begin and it felt so scary, but look how well it all turned out! Now, the chapter of your life at NUST is ending, but at the same time a new chapter of your life is unfolding, and no one and nothing should hold you back from exploring it! The memories that were born within NUST will accompany you wherever your life may take you, but let them be something that brings a smile to your face at your lowest.

Your batch is truly unforgettable, but after how you all rocked the graduation week dressed up as daakus, scientists, goths, emos and what not, you made sure no one ever forgot who you are.

You are the ones that helped us navigate and make through when we were new, and we hope that someday we can live up to your mark. We wish you all the best for your future endeavors and may you succeed in whatever path you choose next.

Good luck!


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