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6 Reasons Why People Go to the Gym

6 Reasons Why People Go to the Gym

Everyone has at least one crazy obnoxious friend who goes to the gym whose morals you begin to question every time their snaps fill up your notification bar. Well, there must be some reason for this totally acceptable behavior, no? Let’s find out.

  1. The most obvious reason people step into this arena for is… yes, you guessed it: to lose weight! How many of us complain about getting those love handles and flabby thighs while simultaneously stuffing our faces with slices upon slices of pizza? Don’t lie, I know you do it!

2. Number two: don’t even get me started on those body building mindsets! It’s all about ‘getting them gains’ and packing on as much muscle as is humanly possible. Such people are so concerned with their calorie vs protein intake that once they’re done working out, they literally inhale all the proteinaceous food in your kitchen before you can even say ‘kabootar’! God forbid if they were to look like a toothpick… better look like a chicken tikka instead!

3. Then come those who just want to feel good about themselves. Yes, I’m talking about the spiritual junkies. ‘Treat your body like a temple’ and what not. To be fair, it actually works because your body releases endorphins during physical exercise. So unlike body building that takes forever, these guys are lucky that their results are immediate – you can tell from the overly friendly smiles they shine your way!

4. Then come the ones that have health issues. These guys I feel sorry for. I wonder what goes on in their mind when they look around and see all these idiots at the gym walking around as if they own the place.

5. Let’s not forget those that workout to belong somewhere; having a group of faces they can call family, to have a sense of belonging that they don’t feel anywhere else. They just won’t shut up about their gym buddy ‘Youcef’ – they might as well marry the guy. Sheesh!   

6. And my favourite: something I call the ‘douchebag persona’. There is a category of people that just make you want to take up boxing just so you can effectively punch them in the face. Yup. Those people who go to the gym just so they can brag about it.

So What Category do YOU fall in? I’ll promise I’ll pretend not to judge.


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