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5 Reasons why PSL outshines IPL

5 Reasons why PSL outshines IPL

PSL > IPL – wait what?


T20 leagues have taken the Cricket world by storm. Indian Premier League (IPL), was the trend setter and now the oldest league. Pakistan Super League (PSL) is the youngest among all the leagues going around the world.

Although you can’t compare the financial models and of these two leagues. IPL’s market is way too strong to be toppled anytime soon. However, just in its second edition, PSL has outclassed the oldest T20 league. Here are 5 reasons why PSL outshines IPL:

  1. I support Lahore because Lahore.

Ask around and you will hardly find anyone supporting a PSL franchise for cricketing reasons. The franchise owners and their marketing strategies have a role to play in that. People have started associating themselves to a city not only because they belong to it. Cities have taken the shapes of characters each one of which has its own qualities. This has multiplied the fan base of each franchise and has also added more context to the games. On the other hand, IPL franchise clashes are hardly ever based on anything other than cricket.

  1. The Nail-Biting Thrillers

PSL’s unique selling proposition was always meant to be the quality of bowling it would offer. While other cricketing leagues are making flat decks, PSL has maintained quality of cricket by curating spicy pitches. A target of 59 was not an easy ride, while a target of 201 was chased without any fuss. A spinner defended two runs off three balls and fast bowler conceded 14 off the last over. The unpredictability of the Pakistani players was prominent throughout the PSL.

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  1. Cultural Connection

Javed Afridi almost always starts his conversation with Puhsto greetings. Rana Fawad is the greatest personification of a Lahori. Sam Billings singing Dil Dil Pakistan or Chris Jordan clad in a Sindhi Ajrak. A truck coming out on every significant milestone achieved by the batting side and a rikshaw coming out in case of a review were the depictions of our culture. This will improve the brand equity of PSL and will help us pull it back to Pakistan in the years to come.  However, IPL doesn’t connect with the Indian culture as much.

  1. Are you as high as Danny Morrison?

The Urdu of Alan Wilkins and the involvement of Danny Morrison with the crowd have been the key moments of the PSL and its beauty. The Pakistani songs sung by Alan and Danny having a ball with the crowd, it’s what makes this game even more appealing.

  1. Shahid Afridi!

PSL has the one and only Boom Boom Afridi, huh? Priceless.


Edited by: Mohammad Sohaib


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