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10 Reasons Why You Should Care About Climate Change

10 Reasons Why You Should Care About Climate Change

Climate change is a tough cause to rally ’round — even those who understand that it’s happening get distracted by things like eating, socialising, or other ‘important’ activities. And then there are some people who deny that it’s even real due to lack of education (or just lack of brain cells).

We have listed a few reasons why you SHOULD care. (Again, these are only some reasons.)


  1. Because you like breathing.

Got lungs? Well, take a deep breath: warming-induced increases in ground-level ozone and particulate matter are expected to increase respiratory disorders.


  1. It can lead to water shortages.

As the earth’s temperature continues to rise, we can expect a significant impact on our fresh water supplies with the potential for devastating effects on these resources.


  1. You could get very sick.

Warmer temperatures mean thriving insects, which might mean increased risk of malaria, dengue fever, and goodness knows what else. Isn’t that weird spot on your thigh enough to worry about?


  1. Because seafood is yummy.

The warming oceans of the world have absorbed hundreds of billions of tons of carbon dioxide over the past 200 years, causing them to become 30 percent more acidic – meaning it’s hurting a lot of marine species that we like to eat. Moreover, a year of not enough or too much rainfall, a hot spell or cold snap at the wrong time, or extremes (like storms and droughts) can have a significant effect on local crop yields and livestock production as well. So, basically, the world will run out of food.


  1. Because you need your coffee each morning.

A United Nations report on climate change warns that the world’s coffee supply could shrink due to our warming world.


  1. You will never get to visit the most happening city in the world.


  1. Or honeymoon in France.

Paris surrounded by haze in 2016, making it the worst air pollution the city has experienced in a decade.


  1. Not to mention your mini family vacations in Murree every December will most likely be over.

Plus Islamabad will lose its only advantage in the city wars: its freezing winters.


  1. Because Dreamy-Eyes DiCaprio says so.


  1. Because we can actually make a change.

Climate change is already affecting us, and there is no denying that it WILL get worse over time. But we can still do something about it. Man-made carbon emissions are a major contributor to climate change. Reducing carbon pollution can slow the rate at which climate change occurs and even start to reverse some of its effects.


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